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Calgary Kookaburras

West Coast Wildcats v Alberta

April 28, 2012

Part of the Men's traditional BC Cup we had the opportunity to showcase our Women at 1pm at Burnaby Lakes Rugby Fields.

We started off really well on an unfamiliar field, size and 18 a side and after we loaned Calgary 4 players as they were short. Marlena scored a great goal and we added a couple of behinds which had us up by 8 points at quarter time.

New Coaches Looking Forward

With the growing popularity of women's football in North America, many clubs had new coaches in 2011 who are now looking forward to 2012.

Minnesota Freeze

Dale "Diesel" Williams (Head Coach) - Dale has been a member of the Minnesota Freeze since their debut at the 2005 USAFL Nationals.  He served as the clubs second president from 2007 - 2008.  Dale took over the coaching duties after the 2010 USAFL National Championships.

Stateside Footy: Boston/Columbus vs Arizona/Calgary

Oct 8, 2011

Stateside Footy was at the 2011 USAFL Nationals.  In the first of four episodes, the Boston Demons/Columbus Jillaroos/Baltimore-Washington Eagles open up the tournament against Arizona/Calgary.

The second half features a 2x20 Men's Division 2 match between the Boston Demons and the Portland Steelheads.

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Off the beaten path — Aussie Rules

Scott Fisher | Calgary Sun | June 21, 2011

It’s one of the toughest sports known to man.

And women.

Australian Rules football isn’t just for big, hairy, toothless, testosterone-driven men anymore.These ladies can get down and dirty, too.

Calgarian Caitlin Kidd got involved in the sport after watching her older siblings.

“I had three brothers who were already playing and they encouraged me,” Kidd said.


Playing rough runs in family

Caitlin Kidd, right, goes in for a tackle during a match against Team USA.

By Greg Meachem - Red Deer Advocate
May 24, 2011

To the uninitiated, the sport may resemble a form of on-field anarchy, but Australian rules football actually contains the elements of several well-known competitive activities.

“What I like about it is that it combines aspects of a lot of different sports,” said Red Deer native Caitlin Kidd, 27, a member of Canada’s Australian rules football national women’s team, the Northern Lights.


Calgary Coaching Positions

The Calgary Women’s Australian Football team, the Calgary Kookaburras, are currently looking to fill a Head Coach position and two Assistant coaching positions for the 2011 season.

The team is looking for individuals who have a strong knowledge of the game with the ability to create effective practices using a variety of drills to increase our fitness and game strategy.


Denver wins 2010 USAFL Nationals

Sunday's weather looked to be a repeat of Saturday's: hot and sunny.  Four teams made it through the semifinal and two others would battle it out to avoid taking home the wooden spoon.  After the first day, it seemed like the two pool winners Calgary/Montreal and New York/Baltimore would be the favorites against the second seeds from the opposite pool.

Semi Final 1: Denver vs New York/Baltimore

2010 Nationals Day 1

Calgary/Montreal vs Columbus/Arizona

Despite the forecast of upper 80's and not a cloud to be seen, the morning dew definitely made the ball slick in the opening game.  This lead to a scrappy low scoring affair but the more seasoned Calgary/Montreal superclub won comfortably over the inexperienced Hawkaroos from Columbus and Arizona.

Calgary/Montreal 4.5.29
Arizona /Columbus 2.0.12

New York/Baltimore vs Atlanta/Sacramento


Women's Championship


USAFL Championship Field
2050 River Rd
Louisville , KY
United States
Kentucky US
October 10, 2010 04:30pm America/New_York

Calgary/Montreal vs Atlanta/Sacramento


Women's Field
2050 River Rd
Louisville , KY
United States
Kentucky US
October 10, 2010 11:00am America/Chicago

After Saturday's pool play, the top ranked team from Pool B will play a crossover semifinal against the 2nd ranked team from Pool 2.