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2010 USAFL National Championships

2010 USAFL Nationals by USFootyNews

2010 USAFL Nationals by USFootyNews was at the 2010 USAFL National Championships and included an interviews with New York Magpie Christina Licata and AFL Victoria Female Football Director Chyloe Kurdas.

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“Footy” National Champion Denver Lady Bulldogs Celebrating Win All Week

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Staff Members Play On Winning Women’s Team at U.S. Australian Football League Championship

Celebration is a daily affair right now for the Denver Bulldogs Women's Australian Rules Football Team, which last weekend won the 2010 U.S. Australian Football League National Championship in Louisville, Ken.


Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto vs Columbus/Arizona

Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto vs Columbus/Arizona

After losing both of their games on Saturday  the Columbus/Arizona Hawkaroos played Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto Frozen Blue Bombers for the wooden spoon (5th place)

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Denver wins 2010 USAFL Nationals

Sunday's weather looked to be a repeat of Saturday's: hot and sunny.  Four teams made it through the semifinal and two others would battle it out to avoid taking home the wooden spoon.  After the first day, it seemed like the two pool winners Calgary/Montreal and New York/Baltimore would be the favorites against the second seeds from the opposite pool.

Semi Final 1: Denver vs New York/Baltimore

2010 Nationals Day 1

Calgary/Montreal vs Columbus/Arizona

Despite the forecast of upper 80's and not a cloud to be seen, the morning dew definitely made the ball slick in the opening game.  This lead to a scrappy low scoring affair but the more seasoned Calgary/Montreal superclub won comfortably over the inexperienced Hawkaroos from Columbus and Arizona.

Calgary/Montreal 4.5.29
Arizona /Columbus 2.0.12

New York/Baltimore vs Atlanta/Sacramento


Women's Championship


USAFL Championship Field
2050 River Rd
Louisville , KY
United States
Kentucky US
October 10, 2010 04:30pm America/New_York

2010 USFooty Nationals

October 09, 2010 12:23pm to October 10, 2010 12:23pm America/New_York

The USAFL is returning to Louisville for the 2010 USFooty National Championships.  Champions will be contested in four Men's Divisions and a Women's Division.  In addition to an exciting tournament, a series of Women's Footy Seminars will conducted throughout the weekend.

This years women's tournament appears to be wide open with several traditionally strong teams rebuilding or missing key players.  Newer teams are coming into their own and seeking to knock the old cats off the wall.

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Women's Footy Seminars at USAFL Nationals

October 8th-10th 2010 - Louisville Kentucky

A series of 5 seminars and clinics will be running through out the weekend in conjuction with the USAFL National Championships. 

  • Training for Success
  • Kicking: The A to Z Guide
  • Women's Footy Forum: Building Women's Footy in the USA
  • Footy Tactics
  • Women's Footy Kicking Competition
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