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It's how HOT in AZ?!?!


Just wanted to say hi to everyone and tell you all how excited I am to get this year started. It'll be great to see you all again and practice together Sunday morning after we mix it up on Saturday. Since we have so few Freedom training sessions this year, let's all make the effort to get the most out of them i.e. work hard during practice, and take care of our bodies before and after- ice, stretch, drink lots of water (hopefully more water than beer), and get plenty of sleep.

Less than 2 weeks now, I can't wait!! I do have one request however- could you AZ ladies turn the temp. down a little? Us northern gals haven't broken out the tank tops, much less the shorts and tees on a regular basis. On second thought, just send some of that warm weather up here :)

Good luck to everyone and see you all soon!