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Aussie Rules Skills and Drills


Off field conditioning for Australian Football should include cardio, strength training, and speed/agility training.

  • Tempo Training: 6 weeks to lowering your 2 mile time
  • Plyometric Training (Explosiveness)
  • Crossfit A great strength and conditioning program that is highly customizable, and provides a forum for people to discuss new training ideas. A really cool site to take a look at for new ideas and for motivation.
  • Aussie Rules Football Training Troy Lange, a Melbourne based personal trainer, wants to bring modern footy fitness to the web with his website
  • AFL Community Club Fitness Coaching Australian Football requires motivating players to reach a level of fitness that will get them through the season. Get tips, strategies and worksheets to keep your team in top form.
  • Fit Footy¬† A blog that talks about fitness training for footy. Discusses what is good for off-season, pre-season, and in-season training routines. Talks about nutrition, warm-ups, injury prevention, and includes videos of how to perform exercises correctly. This is a very good site in terms of what you can do to train for aussie rules.
  • AFL Fitness Fitness articles from the AFL including Preparing for the finals, Maintaining football specific fitness in season, The 10 Commandments of preseason training, and The 'Competition Phase'
  • 10 Things You Are not Doing but Should be to Become a Better Footballer Troy Lange's report on the 10 most common things that Australian Football players should be doing to become better football players.


  • AFL Coaching Edge published twice a year, each Coaching Edge edition contains interviews with significant coaches, skills, drills, information from the AFL High Performance program, research-based information and a range of views about football and coaching.
  • The Coach Official AFL Level 1 Coaching Manual provides standards and guidelines for conduct, tactics, injury prevention, training and more.