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Tempo/Interval Training

Tempo Training / Interval Training. 6 weeks. Lowering your two mile time trial

This plan is to introduce Tempo training sessions to your weekly training sessions. The sessions I am recommending do actually border onto interval training so the step up to that more intensive type of workout wont be a big step when that occurs.

Tempo running is designed to improve your ‘Lactate Threshold’ and is aimed at reducing your two mile time trial performance and your overall endurance. Runs are in this case are slightly quicker than your current two mile pace and are repeated after a moderate recovery. (1.5 times the time it takes for the effort) They should be looked at as “moderately hard” running.

Needed: a digital watch and a pad/book to start a training log, use Google Earth or this pedometer site to work out your distances. I recommend running on grass or trails wherever possible. Hydrate before and during the workout.

First, use your two mile time trial to calculate your mile, 1⁄2 mile, 1⁄4 mile and 1/8 mile pace times. EG. an 18.00 minute time trial would give you a 9 min mile pace, 4 min 30 sec 1⁄2 mile pace, 2 min 15 sec 1⁄4 mile pace and a 1 min 7 sec 1/8 mile pace. (After successfully lowering your two mile test time, readjust these pace times)

  1. Medium Tempos
    1⁄4 mile pace less 15-30 seconds. So from our example above 1.45 –2.00 mins.
    Complete 6-8 x 1⁄4 mile, rest 1.5 times the effort, so 2.32 – 3.00 mins of rest In your training log, record all Tempo times, so it will look like this
    6x440 Tempo, 1.55, 1.55, 1.58, 2.00, 1.50, 1.55
  2. Long Tempos
    1⁄2 mile pace less 30-60 seconds. So from above 3.30 – 4.00 per 1⁄2 mile
    Complete 3-5 x 1⁄2 mile, rest 1.5 times the effort, so 5.05 – 6.00 mins of rest
    In your training log record all Tempo times
    3x880 Tempo, 3.45, 3.50, 3.45
  3. Short Tempos
    1/8 mile pace less 7-15 seconds, So from above 52 – 60 seconds per 1/8 mile
    Complete 8-10 x 1/8 mile, rest 1.5 times the effort, 1.18 – 1.30 mins of rest
    In your training log record all Tempo times
    8x220 Tempo , 55, 60, 55, 56, 58, 55, 55, 55.

You should complete two of these sessions per week. You can mix and match Tempo runs in the one session if you wish e.g. 4x220 and 2x440. However I recommend your totals not exceed 4 miles. Rest should be “active” eg, walking to a light jog.

You should do a 15 minute warm up before the session, including stretching and some stride throughs to be well prepared. Complete the session with a cool down jog and stretch.

As well as these two sessions, two other running sessions should be completed each week.

  • Long Run – 3 to 6 miles.
    Select the ideal training time of day, eg not the hottest or coldest, (LSD – Long Slow Distance)
  • Fast Run - 2 to 3 miles.
    Steady to fast run, push hard up any hills and last 1⁄2 mile,

Training Logs

All players should have or start a training log. Record all training sessions, both skills, running and gym workouts. Record time trial results, session day, time of day, weather conditions and also a comment on each session of “how it felt” The comments can later often help you plan your sessions better and reduce the chances of over training.

Got injured? apply R.I.C.E.R

Rest – Stop what you are doing, reduce the risk of further more serious damage.
Ice – Apply an ice pack to the injury for 10-15mins per hour for the first 48 hours.
Compression – Apply a light compression bandage, it will limit swelling, which slows down healing.
Elevation – Raise the injured limp to also reduce swelling, preferably above the heart.
Rehab – After healing, be sure to move carefully back into training with a sensible planned rehab phase.