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Thanks and Congrats!!!


Huge thanks and pat on the back for a fabulous nationals for everyone! It's so exciting to see the level of play coming up leaps and bounds every year and the credit goes to each and every one of you for the effort you put into training to becoming better players and the passion and love of playing the game.

It's always an honor to take the field with all of you, whether we wear the same jumper or not (although I have to say there are quite a number of you who I'd really much rather have on my team!)

Calgary ladies and all new comers, thanks for making the trip!

Kat, thanks for all the time and effort behind the scenes!

Congrats again to Erin (Best and fairest), Tina (most consistent), and Cathy (MVP)!

Coaches, thanks for all you do as well, we couldn't do it without you!