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2010 Nationals Day 1

Calgary/Montreal vs Columbus/Arizona

Despite the forecast of upper 80's and not a cloud to be seen, the morning dew definitely made the ball slick in the opening game.  This lead to a scrappy low scoring affair but the more seasoned Calgary/Montreal superclub won comfortably over the inexperienced Hawkaroos from Columbus and Arizona.

Calgary/Montreal 4.5.29
Arizona /Columbus 2.0.12

New York/Baltimore vs Atlanta/Sacramento

New York came out strong and was bolstered by the additions of Baltimore players including US Freedom midfielders Judith Stein and Eileen Geoghegan.  The Magpies matched every score from the Screamers with two of their own to double up on their opponent.

New York/Baltimore 6.6.42
Atlanta/Sacramento 3.3.21

New York/Baltimore vs Minnesota/Milwaukee/Toronto

New York came in this game knowing they most likely had a berth in semi finals.  Would having a game under their belt be worth more than the fresh legs of the Frozen Blue Bombers?  New York came out fast and had the lead from the get go.  The Great Lakes team got back within 8 points before the Magpies sealed the game with two late goals.

New York/Baltimore 6.7.43
Minnesota/Milwaukee/Toronto 3.4.22

Denver vs Columbus/Arizona

Denver's fitness and team work were too much for the combo squad to overcome.

Denver 7.1.43
Arizona/Columbus 1.1.7

Calgary/Montreal vs Denver

With both teams being assured of a spot in the playoffs, this game was for pride and semi finals seedings.  Calgary/Montreal seemed to find their form of past years and ran out easy winners.

Calgary/Montreal 9.1.55
Denver 1.3.9

Atlanta/Sacramento vs Minnesota/Milwaukee/Toronto

Both teams came into this game with a 0-1 record.  The winner of this game would advance to the semi finals and loser would be relegated to the consolation game.  The game was back and forth and close from the start finish.  In the end, the Screamers 6 extra behinds were enough to seal a victory.

Atlanta/Sacramento 5.7.37
Minnesota/Milwaukee/Toronto 5.1.31

Day 1 Seedings

Pool A

  1. Calgary/Montreal
  2. Denver
  3. Columbus/Arizona

Pool B

  1. New York/Baltimore
  2. Atlanta/Arizona
  3. Minnesota/Milwaukee/Toronto

This sets up the semi final round of

  1. Calgary/Montreal vs Atlanta/Arizona
  2. New York/Baltimore vs Denver
  3. Minnesota/Milwaukee/Toronto vs Columbus Arizona (Consolation)