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Stateside Footy - Episode 13-07: Minnesota vs New York

Stateside Footy presents two games of Womens Australian Rules Football. In the first game, the Minnesota Freeze women face the New York Lady Magpies.

The second game is an encore presentation of a 2012 game between the Boston Lady Demons and New York Lady Magpies.

This episode was recorded on location at Rogers Field on the site of the former Fort Devens in Harvard, MA. Stateside Footy is a cable access TV show produced with the assistance of WCTV - Wilmington Community Television in Wilmington, MA. It features Aussie Rules Football as it is played in the U.S.A.


Central Blues Recruiting Players

The Central Blues Australian Football Club is looking for players interested in a summer of fun and competition. The Blues are the founding team of the Ontario Australian Football Leagues women's competition now entering it's second season.  The Blues offer quality coaching, equipment and training facilities. No previous experience necessary, if you have played hockey, basketball, rugby, soccer, ultimate, lacrosse then you have what it takes to play Australian Football. Lowest fees for organized sport in the city.


Boston Lady Demons

United States

We are the Lady Demons and we are a Women's Australian Rules Football Team in the Boston area. The Lady Demons are affiliated with the men's team and we are always looking for recruits and fans. Our season starts in April and ends in October and includes football games, socials and volunteering events. So if you kick like a girl or are interested in getting shape and meeting new people come check us out.

For more information check out our Meetup group and the Lady Demons website.


Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto vs New York/Baltimore

Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto vs New York/Baltimore

A short clip from Pool B at the 2010 USAFL National Championships.  New York/Baltimore won the match to set up a cross over semifinal against Denver.

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Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto vs Columbus/Arizona

Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto vs Columbus/Arizona

After losing both of their games on Saturday  the Columbus/Arizona Hawkaroos played Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto Frozen Blue Bombers for the wooden spoon (5th place)

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Denver wins 2010 USAFL Nationals

Sunday's weather looked to be a repeat of Saturday's: hot and sunny.  Four teams made it through the semifinal and two others would battle it out to avoid taking home the wooden spoon.  After the first day, it seemed like the two pool winners Calgary/Montreal and New York/Baltimore would be the favorites against the second seeds from the opposite pool.

Semi Final 1: Denver vs New York/Baltimore

Milwaukee defeats Jillaroos in their Debut

The Columbus Jillaroos traveled to hot and steamy Milwaukee to play their first match of women's football. The women were treated to a 3 game curtain raiser between the men's clubs from Milwaukee, Columbus, and Ohio Valley.

The clouds were rolling in when the feature match started. Columbus sent an initial scare to the home town squad by winning the opening bounce and immediately moving the ball to the goal square. The Milwaukee defense took possession just in front of the goal and spoiled the new comers first salvo.


Mile High Hook up Results

Three teams competed for the Mile High Hookup Cup in Denver Colorado on Saturday June 19:  Arizona/Sacramento, Denver, and the Mid East team comprised of players from Minnesota, Milwaukee, Baltimore-Washington, and Atlanta.

Denver vs Arizona

In the first game of the day, the home town team Denver took on Arizona/Sacramento.  With a convincing 3 goals to nil halftime lead it looked like Denver was going to take this win.  Arizona was having non of that and came back for a narrow 2 point victory

Denver 3.1.19
Arizona 3.3.21


Denver Tournament

June 19, 2010 09:30am America/Denver

The 2nd women's footy tournament of the year will hosted by the Denver Bulldogs on June 19-20.  The second day will be a US Freedom training camp.

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Gotham City Get Down Results

The New York Magpies hosted the first tournament of the year at Tibbets Brook Park in Yonkers NY. Three teams descended on New York for the first hit out of the year: New York Magpies, Central Blues from Toronto, and the Reds, a mixed team comprised of players from Atlanta, Baltimore, Minnesota, Arizona, Milwaukee, and Denver.