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Mile High Hook up Results

Three teams competed for the Mile High Hookup Cup in Denver Colorado on Saturday June 19:  Arizona/Sacramento, Denver, and the Mid East team comprised of players from Minnesota, Milwaukee, Baltimore-Washington, and Atlanta.

Denver vs Arizona

In the first game of the day, the home town team Denver took on Arizona/Sacramento.  With a convincing 3 goals to nil halftime lead it looked like Denver was going to take this win.  Arizona was having non of that and came back for a narrow 2 point victory

Denver 3.1.19
Arizona 3.3.21

Denver vs Mid East

The second match of the day was the Mid East All Blacks vs Denver.  Mid East came out well and had a 3 goal lead at half time.  Denver controlled the ball for a good portion of the second half but both teams had trouble advancing the ball pas their half forward line which culminated in both teams scoring a single goal in the second half.

Denver 1.0.6
Mid East 4.3.27

Mid East vs Arizona

The last match of the day was the two unbeaten teams competing for the cup.  The Mid East's seemed to have their high altitude legs and played much better as a team. Controlling the ball for the majority of the game resulted in a convincing victory for the All Blacks.

Mid East 9.2.56
Arizona 2.1.13

As part of the US Freedom training academy, players from all the teams were split up into two teams of 18 a side. This allowed US Freedom coach Wayne Kraska a final look at all players before making his selection for the team to represent the US against Canada on July 31 and Aug 1.

Many thanks to the Denver Bulldogs and Kelli Modica in particular for hosting a very well run tournament!