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Women's Footy Seminars at USAFL Nationals

October 8th-10th 2010 - Louisville Kentucky

A series of 5 seminars and clinics will be running through out the weekend in conjuction with the USAFL National Championships. 

  • Training for Success
  • Kicking: The A to Z Guide
  • Women's Footy Forum: Building Women's Footy in the USA
  • Footy Tactics
  • Women's Footy Kicking Competition

Training for Success

Friday 8.00pm - 9.00pm Louisville Room (Breckinridge Inn)

  • How to gain the most out of training time to improve your game from week to week.
  • Outline of how to achieve results and make improvements from each group training session.
  • Practical examples of how to improve away from group training. Hand skills drills and activities players can do on their own.
  • How to set personal goals for improvement in all aspects of footy.
  • Athletic performance for "footy", how to train to improve.
  • Diet & Nutrition for Aussie Rules footy.

Kicking: The A to Z guide

Saturday 2.00pm - 3.00pm Women's Field

  • Fundamental tips for players in the skill they generally have the most issues improving.
  • Discuss the history and how things have changed and why.
  • Learn the basics - and all the progressive steps needed to master to kick accurately, on the run and for distance.
  • Learn the mechanics of kicking and reasons why stuff happens.
  • Demonstrations, practice and corrections by coaches.

Women's Footy Forum: Building Women's Footy in the USA

Saturday 7.30pm - 8.30pm Louisville Room (Breckinridge Inn)

  • Panel of key people in the sport currently in the US and Australia brainstorm ideas to bring more women to the sport in the USA.
  • Discuss administration of a women's football club and expose the hurdles to overcome in the USAFL for recruiting and player retention.
    This is an open forum and invitation for all players, coaches, officials and administrators at the USAFL Nationals regardless of gender to discuss the development of women's footy.

Footy Tactics

Saturday 8.30pm - 9.30pm Louisville Room (Breckinridge Inn)

  • Learn how to play every position on the ground.
  • Develop decision making skills to adapt to game situations.
  • Learn about team tactics, team rules, game day strategies, strategies for different weather conditions, field sizes and surfaces.

Women's Footy Kicking Competition

Sunday 3:45pm Coopers Field

  •  1 player from each team will compete for the champion footy kicker.
  •  Scores given using the USA Freedom Kicking Test Grid for accuracy and distance.

Enquiries: Wayne Kraska ‐ 404 617 2311

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