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Regretfully Leaving Warm Cairns Heading Towards Chilly Melbourne

Cairns seemed to loosen the Freedom ladies up. After stepping off the plane and getting our gear into the hotel rooms, we headed to the field to play our hosts the Cairns AFL Womens team. As you read from Nikki’s report it was a tough loss. But, we played well and we kept improving as the clock ticked on.

USA Vs. Cairns Women’s AFL A Player's Perspective

Game 2 was like taking our first couple of steps. We played an even tougher team than the Sydney Shamrocks, called the Cairns Bombers, but after some adjustments by the coaches and some post-game/pre-game pep talks, we certainly began to capitalize on our strengths and exploit the weaknesses of our Aussie counterparts.

USA Vs. Sydney

As with most things in life, one must crawl before walking. Game 1 of the tour was a testimony to this. The first quarter was quite staggering, and the Sydney Women’s football team (the Shamrocks) not only gave us a wonderful introduction to how footy is truly played [where the sport originated], but they also broke many of the preconceived notions about what it takes to be a quality footballer.

Assistant Coaching Staff

Dan Sarbacker

How many years have you been playing Footy?


This is not your first trip to Australia representing your country. What you are looking forward to on this trip?

Captain's Log

Now that we have had a chance to catch our breath during our breakneck tour. We would like you to get to know our captains.

Jenny “Sarbs” Sarbacker

How is it you came across Footy?

I went to watch my brother, Dan, play this “weird new sport” once and then next thing I knew he volunteered me to play with a team in the national tournament in 2005. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Thank You Qantas!

The American Airline companies sure can take a page out of their book. Mark and crew were so nice. They fed us well and even serve fudgecicles! All of our flights so far have been smooth sailing and always the flight staff is super nice... unlike some airlines back home. We wont name any names. We highly recommend Qantas.

Bye Bye Sydney, hello Cairns!

Friday night happenings: Earlier you may have read about our bus tour around Sydney and our personal Tour of The Sydney Swans training facility, by head coach Paul Roos. (Oh by the way we would like to rub it in that we got to touch their premiership cup and have our photo taken with it) But, we still weren’t done for the day. The SWFL hosted a Trivia night that was great fun. They were all in costume. You have to hand it to them, there were some clever costumes. Apparently we got 3rd. Well done ladies!

Technical Issues!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be posting tomorrow. Due to the site being down! It has nothing to do with the fact we are just having too much fun! So please stay tuned therre is sooooo much to tell!

For those wanting to read about our game in Sydney here is a link that was posted in the Sydney Herald:

The Eagle has Landed

Wow, we made it through customs! but we are two girls short! Looks like we will be seeing them tomorrow! Good luck ladies! We can’t wait to see you when you get here.

FIRST STOP L A X! And OH NO.. Lost bags, missing passports and girls, and booted cars!

How is it that I have jinxed herself: Missing bag at LAX! RUT ROE and Carly had a boot put on her car when she stopped to get food as she was heading to the airport. Siobhan's passport and driver's license have gone MIA....and where the hell is Sheree? Nikki had a high school level "Chatty-Cathy" right behind her on the flight to LAX. Courtney and Anna were cutting it close and almost caused Krazza [the coach] to go into labor. Four of us are batting 0!