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Regretfully Leaving Warm Cairns Heading Towards Chilly Melbourne

Cairns seemed to loosen the Freedom ladies up. After stepping off the plane and getting our gear into the hotel rooms, we headed to the field to play our hosts the Cairns AFL Womens team. As you read from Nikki’s report it was a tough loss. But, we played well and we kept improving as the clock ticked on.

After an early night's rest from a hard day of travel and game playing, the next day we were keen to have some fun in the sun. Freedom ladies boarded the QuickSilver tour to the Great Barrier Reef. Baring motion sickness with a few of the ladies, we all had a great time. We got to see a sea turtle, a reef shark, along with touching a few sea cucumbers. Sean and crew were great hosts and the reef was fantastic.

Once we set foot on land we had to deal with sea legs the Cairns Womens AFL had a nice cure. They had our Freedom ladies get all dolled up only to feed us a great dinner at the Buckin' Mexican.

Thanks to Mel and Crew for a great time. We really enjoyed ourselves. On the last day we took some time to visit the Cairns Botanical Gardens. Then hopped on a plane to Melbourne.