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2009 Freedom Tour

US Freedom Team 2009 Calendar Video

Members of the US Freedom women's Australian football team have created a 2010 calendar that is on sale now with proceeds going to the Freedom tour of Australia in August 2009. The Freedom Calendar was the brainchild of New York Magpie and Freedom player Andrea Casillas. "The project came together after a little brainstorming session with the Lady Magpies on ways we could fund raise for the trip. Seven of us made the team so we knew we had a big chunk to raise. When I played for the Lady Hawks, we made a calendar that did well. So the idea just trickled from there.

US Freedom SEN Interview

During the US Freedom tour of Australia, captain Jenny Sarbacker and team mate Suzy Thomas were interviewed by Melbourne Sports Radio station SEN. The crew chatted with the Freedom ladies about the tour, women's footy in the US, and were quite enthralled with the US Freedom Calendar.

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Freedom vs SWAFL

Freedom vs SWAFL

The first leg of the Freedom tour to Australia was a match against the Sydney Women's Football League rookies. Action from the day was captured by our Sydney hosts.

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Footy Talk Back Episode 21

Footy Talk Back Episode 21

Channel 31's Footy Talk Back met the Freedom outside the MCG before the Adelaide vs Hawthorn match. They interviewed a few players and came out to film our final match of the tour against a VWFL combined side. See the full episode at

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Giant Leap

Published in Bendigo Weekly on 20/08/2009

The push to establish a women’s football team in this city has gained momentum following the hugely successful clash between Bendigo and the touring USA Freedom.

Hundreds of football followers were at Fulton Hogan Oval in Kangaroo Flat to watch the international match with the visitors coming off losses to NSW in Sydney and then Queensland in Cairns.

Bendigo captain Andrea Walsh was clearly the best player afield as she banged home three goals to lead her side to a triumphant victory over the Americans who were best served by Suzy Thomas from the Milwaukee Bombers.

Regretfully Leaving Warm Cairns Heading Towards Chilly Melbourne

Cairns seemed to loosen the Freedom ladies up. After stepping off the plane and getting our gear into the hotel rooms, we headed to the field to play our hosts the Cairns AFL Womens team. As you read from Nikki’s report it was a tough loss. But, we played well and we kept improving as the clock ticked on.

Yanks here to play Australian rules football

Cheryl Critchley | From: Herald Sun | August 17, 2009

THESE Yanks definitely don't tank, taking it up to the Aussies in the first tour by an international women's Australian rules football team.

Despite losing their four games they edged closer each time, finishing with a two-point nail-biter against a combined VWFL team on Saturday.

US Freedom is mostly Americans and one expat Australian, and boasts the Statue of Liberty on its jumper.

USA Vs. Cairns Women’s AFL A Player's Perspective

Game 2 was like taking our first couple of steps. We played an even tougher team than the Sydney Shamrocks, called the Cairns Bombers, but after some adjustments by the coaches and some post-game/pre-game pep talks, we certainly began to capitalize on our strengths and exploit the weaknesses of our Aussie counterparts.

USA Vs. Sydney

As with most things in life, one must crawl before walking. Game 1 of the tour was a testimony to this. The first quarter was quite staggering, and the Sydney Women’s football team (the Shamrocks) not only gave us a wonderful introduction to how footy is truly played [where the sport originated], but they also broke many of the preconceived notions about what it takes to be a quality footballer.