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Giant Leap

Published in Bendigo Weekly on 20/08/2009

The push to establish a women’s football team in this city has gained momentum following the hugely successful clash between Bendigo and the touring USA Freedom.

Hundreds of football followers were at Fulton Hogan Oval in Kangaroo Flat to watch the international match with the visitors coming off losses to NSW in Sydney and then Queensland in Cairns.

Bendigo captain Andrea Walsh was clearly the best player afield as she banged home three goals to lead her side to a triumphant victory over the Americans who were best served by Suzy Thomas from the Milwaukee Bombers.

The success of the venture was measured by the huge support for the game.
Caterers were stretched to the limit and the timing to establish a Bendigo representative side in a statewide competition could not have come at a better time.

Bianca Rinaldi from the Bendigo YMCA Women in Sport program said the project committee met this week to review all aspects of the game against the USA. “We have undertaken a feasibility study in regards the establishment of a team here in Bendigo for the 2010 season,” she said.

“We now want to see which football club in the region would like to become the home base for a women’s representative team in this city.”

The YMCA is also keen to hear from any prospective players keen to participate in the statewide competition next season.

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That remains one of my favorite photos of the past 5 years of USA womens footy. Well done Sarbs!

This one from the Cairns match is pretty good too!