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FIRST STOP L A X! And OH NO.. Lost bags, missing passports and girls, and booted cars!

How is it that I have jinxed herself: Missing bag at LAX! RUT ROE and Carly had a boot put on her car when she stopped to get food as she was heading to the airport. Siobhan's passport and driver's license have gone MIA....and where the hell is Sheree? Nikki had a high school level "Chatty-Cathy" right behind her on the flight to LAX. Courtney and Anna were cutting it close and almost caused Krazza [the coach] to go into labor. Four of us are batting 0! The good news is that my bags arrived with the next flight from Atlanta, so the deer in the headlights look only lasted a short time. Carly, got the car boot off in time to make the flight! Siobhan has some passport copies. Nikki gave "Chatty-Cathy" a dirty look which got her to quiet down. Courtney and Anna arrived finally, and hopefully Sheree will be running to the gate!

With each of our ladies outfitted with her good ol' American Flag we are off like cattle to the painful process of loading the plane...ugh!

Many thanks to those who have emailed well wishes and best of luck. We could not do this with out the support of our family, friends and Footy fans!

We have attached a pic of the Atlanta Crew and we would like to thank our sponsor Pennington Seed for their support!