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Bye Bye Sydney, hello Cairns!

Friday night happenings: Earlier you may have read about our bus tour around Sydney and our personal Tour of The Sydney Swans training facility, by head coach Paul Roos. (Oh by the way we would like to rub it in that we got to touch their premiership cup and have our photo taken with it) But, we still weren’t done for the day. The SWFL hosted a Trivia night that was great fun. They were all in costume. You have to hand it to them, there were some clever costumes. Apparently we got 3rd. Well done ladies! Some of us left early to be in bed for game day, leaving half our crew to hold down the “trivia” fort. Thanks to Kiwi and her Bondi Shamrocks for the lovely green drinks! And many thanks to Lance and SWFL for a fantastic time.

Saturday: After a good night’s sleep, we headed to the field. We had a chance to watch a cool ladies match before our game. Rebecca and Siobhan showed up as we were warming up. We were very happy they finally made it. Then it was our turn to play. It was a great game and very close till the end. You can read about it from this link and Some of you may be wondering if there were any injuries. We fared pretty well getting some new bruises, in fact Sarbs now has a nice ol’ shiner. Denise would personally like to say hello to Evelyn and Niss (I hope is spelled it right). It was fun guarding you gals. Thanks for the hard work. After the game we went to the Dolphin House for dinner and watched some footy on the big screen. We were very tired girls that went to bed early.

Sunday our coaching staff did something pretty amazing. They (and 70,000 others) ran a 14K City to Surf run. Congrats to Mobes and his bum knee who beat both Krazz and Brother Sarbs. . We were there to meet them at the end and go for a nice swim. Well, some of us did and! Apparently the water was a bit chilly. I now believe Suzzy Thomas and Kathryn Hogg are part fish. They had really toughed out the cold. Sunday afternoon we had lunch at Circle Quay area. For those who are unaware that is area where you can see the Opera house and the Sydney Bridge or hop on a ferry. We had a great lunch with 3 of our gals leaving: Marie, Suzy and Danielle who had elected to do the 3 hour climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor bridge. Well done ladies! The rest of the crew took the time to ride the ferry around the harbor to get some photo ops of the Opera house. Then we all did a little shopping for the family back home. And back to bed around 9pm. As you can see we have been pretty busy.

We can’t say thanks enough for all the support from the State Side that keeps coming in. You would be proud of the fact that every time the Aussies hear we are playing 4 games in 9 days they always say “that is insane” or “no one does that”. Also, when we say we play Aussie Footy, we have also heard this response to us “do you play touch” and when we tell them no we play full on tackle they don’t believe it half the time.

Way to represent ladies!

Cheers, Denise