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Technical Issues!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be posting tomorrow. Due to the site being down! It has nothing to do with the fact we are just having too much fun! So please stay tuned therre is sooooo much to tell!

For those wanting to read about our game in Sydney here is a link that was posted in the Sydney Herald:

We will be getting up very early 6:15 and head to airport to Cairns. We then have to get ready for our 2nd game at 7pm.

Also, we would like to thank our hosts for such an awesome time! You gals ROCK!


The website is working, I reckon you're just too busy having fun in the sun!
Nah really, it was good to meet such a nice bunch of girls as passionate about the game as we are.
Wont quite be up that early to see you off, but send us an email or something as we have a dvd to get to you and sure Kathryn may send us some tips on getting the team together for an overseas trip.
Yep, we have a few girls keen to fly your way, one day.
All the best, catch ya soon,