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Assistant Coaching Staff

Dan Sarbacker

How many years have you been playing Footy?


This is not your first trip to Australia representing your country. What you are looking forward to on this trip?

Both of my previous trips have been as a player, so I’m definitely looking forward to not having the pressure to physically perform on this trip. The Revolution play a tough schedule at the International Cups and it is a grueling two weeks for a tournament, and playing feels like a job. This time, not having to worry about training/playing, rehab, limiting my sightseeing to rest properly, etc., will be a more relaxed experience for me. On the flip-side, I do have extra time to spend as a coach for game prep, and am responsible for supporting Krazz and helping make decisions about player health, line-ups, etc.

What inspired you to step up and help the Freedom Squad?

I have a solid background in coaching, having spent seven years with a premier level youth club soccer team, and carry my National D coaching license in that sport, as well as a Level 1 coaching license for Aussie Rules. I had a great career in soccer and have always believed in contributing to the experiences from which I benefited and that I enjoyed, so when Krazz asked me to help out with the formation of the Freedom squad, I was more than happy to assist. From a selfish perspective, I personally gain so much understanding of sport from coaching, that I know it will help my playing career as well.

What is it like coaching your sister?

Odd. I’m sure she doesn’t particularly care to have me around barking orders all the time. I imagine I am a bit harder on her than the other players, but she handles criticism/coaching extremely well.

Where would you like to see Women's Footy go in the future?

For footy, in general, to have broad recognition around the US would be superb. I would love for Women’s Footy to have youth development programs, high school and collegiate clubs or teams, all supporting a full women’s competition at the adult level, with dozens of cities supporting representative sides drawing from numerous local club teams. But in the next two years, I would settle for the formation of a couple more clubs within driving distance of existing teams so that a home-away series could get established; adding a big travel game (requiring a flight) and hosting another gets the teams upwards of four games throughout the season to play in addition to the national tournament. The talent level will only improve by getting more games, and that will only happen if there is more and more competition without a heavy burden of travel.

Have you ever coached a footy team before; if not, how has the experience been so far?

I have been player/coach of the St. Louis Blues teams for the past few seasons. Trying to play while coaching is not something I enjoy, so the Freedom experience is a lot better for me—I can devote my entire attention to analyzing our and our opponents and truly structuring a successful program and line-up without having to worry about my fitness or my play.

Alan Mobley:

What turned you on to Australian Rules Football?

I saw the 1982 Grand Final between Carlton and Richmond and thought it was the most exciting sport I had ever seen. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Who is your favorite AFL Team and player?

The Footscray (I mean Western) Bulldogs. I don’t really have a favorite player. But I always admired Tony Liberatore. He had more spirit than anyone I have ever seen play the sport.

What inspired you to step up and help the Freedom Squad?

I’ve helped Wayne with coaching both the Men’s and Women’s Atlanta Kookaburras teams. When he asked me if I was interested helping out with the Freedom, I didn’t hesitate. It’s an honor to be a part of this squad.

Where would you like to see Women's Footy go in the future?

The same as for the men’s game in the States, I’d like to see more people playing and more people following the sport. For the women it would be good to get more teams and more players per side so there are more full games of 18-a-side on full-sized fields.

How many years have you been playing Footy?

8 years