Stateside Footy: Boston Lady Demons and the Sacramento Suns

Stateside Footy presents a pair of Australian Rules Football matches, played on October 13, 2012 at the USAFL Nationals Tournament in Mason, Ohio. The first half of the show features a 2x20 Womens Division match between the Boston Lady Demons and the Sacramento Suns. The second half features a Mens Division 2 match between the Boston Demons and the Austin Crows. Stateside Footy is a cable access TV show produced with the assistance of WCTV - Wilmington Community Television in Wilmington, MA. It features Aussie Rules Football as it is played in the U.S.A.


2013 US Freedom Captain and Assistant Coaches Named

Eileen Geoghegan gets a kick off while Judith Stein protects her at the 2012 49th Parallel Cup against Canada Northern Lights.

Leigh Barnes, head coach of the US Freedom Women's Australian Football team, has announced the captain and assistant coaches for 2013.

With 3 year captain Judith Stein stepping down as captain, Barnes and his staff embarked on a search for the best possible replacement.  When the dust settled, Eileen Geoghegan of the Baltimore-Washington Lady Eagles was the consensus choice. 


Stateside Footy: Boston Demons at New York Magpies

Stateside Footy - Episode 12-09: Womens Footy Doubleheader - Boston Lady Demons vs. New York Lady Magpies

Yellow Magic Trailer

In 2003, Women's Australian Football was a dream shared by Leigh Swansborough and Martin "Mini" Mondia.  Leigh had recently introduced Mini to footy and they formed the first women's team outside of Australia, the Orange County Bombshells.  They were working on a documentary of footy in the US that was scheduled to be a 2 year project.  Over the next decade, the documentary kept rewriting itself.  While many things changed in that 10 years it became clear that what is most important in life and football is the relationships formed.

This is not old news: Sandy’s impact on Belle Harbor

Weeks after Sandy hit the East Coast, I stood in the thick of its wreckage in Belle Harbor, Queens. As the sun set, I quickly packed up the vans along with thirty other Magpies before nightfall to head back to the City. A tattooed man driving a Bobcat stopped in the debris-filled street, providing one of the only sources of light, and said to me, “Not just anybody comes out here to help.” For us, it was never a question. That’s what family does. One of our own – longtime Magpie Shane Batty – lives in Belle Harbor.


Australian Football: From the Ground Up

The Stateside Footy crew has put together a new primer of Australian Rules Football.

AFL Kicking Guides

The AFL has released two Kicking Guide videos.  One geared for players and the other geared towards coaches. Both are presented by Gary Lyon and Mathew Lloyd.

Learn the kicking skills of the modern game of Australian Football from the current stars of the game.

Garry Lyon and Matthew Lloyd present the basic mechanics of effective kicking.


Demon's Dance

Another long season, another memorable Nationals! Not so common for the Lady Demons, as this was only our second year but what a year it’s been!! Our success has been measurable starting with an impressive collection of coin from our half-naked plunge into the Atlantic on Australia Day. Let’s check that tide chart next time, okay?


VWFL 2012 Premier Division Grand Final

VWFL 2012 Women's Grand Final contested between Diamond Creek and Darebin.

VWFL 2012 Premier Reserves Grand Final

The VWFL Premier Reserves Grand Final featuring VU St Albans v East Burwood