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Demon's Dance

Another long season, another memorable Nationals! Not so common for the Lady Demons, as this was only our second year but what a year it’s been!! Our success has been measurable starting with an impressive collection of coin from our half-naked plunge into the Atlantic on Australia Day. Let’s check that tide chart next time, okay?

We’ve doubled our numbers and significantly cut the average age of our players. We acquired without a doubt the best rookies in the USAFL, thanks to some persistent recruiting. Although, a couple of key veterans were taken out early in the season due to injury, we were still able to make a good, if not great, impression in Montreal, Philadelphia, New York and at our first home tournament.

Led by the coaching staff and leadership team from both sides, Boston/BWE went from 5th to 2nd place at Nationals in just one year. With low scoring games against Sacramento/San Francisco and Calgary, it was all about adopting a defensive strategy, especially considering the player congestion on a field that was arguably too small to play 16s. Thanks to a goal in the final nail-biting 2 minutes of our 3rd game played on Sunday against Calgary (by none other than our own Emily), we were able to advance to the finals as coaches and fans breathed a sigh of relief on the sidelines.

Yes, we lost 48-0 against Denver in the prelims on Saturday but we cut that in half in the finals, losing 22-0 in cold, wet and windy conditions, crushing Denver’s hopes of beating us by another 40 points. We’ve grown as a club, as a team and as individuals. In a nutshell, we are looking good going into next year and it’s not just due to our new fantastic-looking uniforms.

Thanks goes out to members of the men’s team, friends, family and all the fans for their support. Education, fitness, application and execution of good footy are key factors moving forward. If the commitment is there, 2013 will see us kicking like Lady Demons and scoring like National Champions!