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Boston Demons vs New York Magpies

Boston Demons vs New York Magpies

Stateside Footy was on hand to televise the EAFL match between the Boston Demons and the New York Magpies which was played on May 21, 2011.  The full episode is available at and includes a men's match between the New York Magpies and the Philadelphia Hawks.

Lady Pies Name Lina Staropoli as Coach

The Lady Magpies are thrilled to announce the appointment of their first official coach, former player Lina Staropoli.  Hailing from the Land Down Under, Lina has many years of coaching under her belt in soccer.  Lina has decided to turn in her boots and put on a whistle to coach a more physical sport with one of the most physical women’s teams in the USAFL.


Eastern Women’s Teams Take the Field in NYC

On April 30th, the Boston Demons traveled to NYC to battle the New York Magpies for the annual ANZAC Plate match.  However, this year’s ANZAC Plate had a pleasant addition from years past, a women’s game.  Kicking off their inaugural year, the Boston Lady Demons brought 4 women to the Big Apple to play against the New York Lady Magpies.  While originally, the Lady Demons hoped to combine with the Baltimore Lady Eagles, the teams did not have enough women to field a side.  New York, Boston, and Baltimore pooled their players, and NY Lady Magpies Coach Lina Staropoli divided the women up into

Women's EAFL Apr 30 2011

Stateside Footy presents another two-part episode to kick off its second season. The first part is a preview of the Boston Demons 2011 Australian Rules Football season including interviews and highlight footage. The second part presents a Women's Footy match played in Yonkers, N.Y., featuring female footballers from the Boston, New York, and Baltimore-Washington teams.

Stateside Footy is a cable access TV show produced at WCTV - Wilmington Community Television in Wilmington, MA. It features Aussie Rules Football as it is played in the U.S.A

Lady Pies named in USA Freedom Team!

NY Lady Pie players Christina Licata, Drea Casillas , Siobhan McHale and Monica Robbins were recently selected to the USA Freedom team, which will play in the inaugural 2011 AFL International Cup in Australia later this year.  Six women’s teams from the USA, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Italy, Ireland and an Australian Indigenous team will take the field.


Women's EAFL


Tibbets Brook Park
199 Teresa Ave
10705 Yonkers , NY
United States
New York US
April 30, 2011 01:30pm America/New_York

Ready to kick off the 2011 Women's EAFL Season with a game featuring the NY Lady Magpies play the Baltimore Lady Eagles and Boston Lady Demons!

Van Pick Ups will likely leave from Union Square around 8am. Details to come!

Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto vs New York/Baltimore

Minnesota-Milwaukee/Toronto vs New York/Baltimore

A short clip from Pool B at the 2010 USAFL National Championships.  New York/Baltimore won the match to set up a cross over semifinal against Denver.

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Denver wins 2010 USAFL Nationals

Sunday's weather looked to be a repeat of Saturday's: hot and sunny.  Four teams made it through the semifinal and two others would battle it out to avoid taking home the wooden spoon.  After the first day, it seemed like the two pool winners Calgary/Montreal and New York/Baltimore would be the favorites against the second seeds from the opposite pool.

Semi Final 1: Denver vs New York/Baltimore

2010 Nationals Day 1

Calgary/Montreal vs Columbus/Arizona

Despite the forecast of upper 80's and not a cloud to be seen, the morning dew definitely made the ball slick in the opening game.  This lead to a scrappy low scoring affair but the more seasoned Calgary/Montreal superclub won comfortably over the inexperienced Hawkaroos from Columbus and Arizona.

Calgary/Montreal 4.5.29
Arizona /Columbus 2.0.12

New York/Baltimore vs Atlanta/Sacramento


New York/Baltimore-Washington vs Denver


Women's Field
2050 River Rd
Louisville , KY
United States
Kentucky US
October 10, 2010 11:00am America/New_York

After Saturday's pool play, the top ranked team from Pool A will play a crossover semifinal against the 2nd ranked team from Pool B.