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New York

New York Australian Football League Season Kicks Off

Andrea Casillas and Christina Licata play for the New York Magpies competitive women's team, the Lady Pies. (Facebook/New York Magpies)

MANHATTAN — Brooklyn resident and longtime athlete Andrea Casillas attended her first Australian football game seven years ago in her home state of Arizona. Right away, she was hooked.

"I tried it just one day and I loved it," she said. "It's really active and you get to a point where you've played enough basketball and volleyball and want something new."


2012 Philly Tournament: Boston/Montreal v New York

Women's Aussie Rules football hit Philadelphia as players from Boston, New York, Montreal, Baltimore and Ontario joined forces to play a 14-a-side match on a full sized field.

Lady Eagles Take Down Lady Magpies

In the first match on US soil for the East Coast Women’s League, the Baltimore Washington Eagles hosted the New York Lady Magpies to a 9 a side game in nearly perfect footy weather at Frank C. Bocek Park. With the teams’ successful recruiting efforts in 2012, both Baltimore-Washington and New York had players experiencing their first ever full-tackle game.

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It’s footy, Jim, but not as we know it

The Footy Almanac
by Stephanie Holt

(AFL Quebec Preseason Cup: Concordia University, Loyola Campus, Montreal, Saturday April 28)

2012 AFL Quebec Women's Preseason Cup Wrap-Up

On April 28, 2012 the New York Magpies and Boston Demons traveled to Montreal Quebec for a 3 team preseason tournament.  Montreal defeated both visiting squads to capture the cup with Boston defeating New York for second place.

Boston at New York


Tibbetts Brook Park 10704 Yonkers , NY
United States
New York US
September 08, 2012 01:30pm America/New_York

The Boston Demons will be traveling to New York to play the Magpies.

EAFL New York at Baltimore


Baltimore , MD
United States
Maryland US
May 12, 2012 06:49pm America/New_York

The New York Magpies will be traveling to Baltimore to play the Baltimore-Washington Eagles.

New Coaches Looking Forward

With the growing popularity of women's football in North America, many clubs had new coaches in 2011 who are now looking forward to 2012.

Minnesota Freeze

Dale "Diesel" Williams (Head Coach) - Dale has been a member of the Minnesota Freeze since their debut at the 2005 USAFL Nationals.  He served as the clubs second president from 2007 - 2008.  Dale took over the coaching duties after the 2010 USAFL National Championships.

New York Magpies vs Boston Demons Sep 10, 2011

Stateside Footy presents a pair of Australian Rules Football matches, played on September 10, 2011 in Lexington, MA. The first half of the show features Women's Footy and the first ever home game of the Boston Lady Demons as they play a 2x20 Women's Footy match against the New York Lady Magpies. The second half features a 2x20 match between the reserve squads of the New York Magpies and the Boston Demons. Stateside Footy is a cable access TV show produced at WCTV - Wilmington Community Television in Wilmington, MA. It features Aussie Rules Football as it is played in the U.S.A.

New York vs Boston


Lexington , MA
United States
Massachusetts US
September 10, 2011 01:00pm America/New_York

On a beautiful early autumn day the New York Magpies traveled to play the Boston Demons in Lexington, MA. Both sides had nine players who played every moment of two 20-minute halves. Despite the fact that each side fielded a number of inexperienced players - including a New Yorker who discovered footy just a week ago - both sides displayed impressive continuity and team play in front of the robust crowd that had turned up for the event.