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Denver vs Columbus/Arizona


Women's Field
2050 River Rd
Louisville , KY
United States
Kentucky US
October 09, 2010 01:00pm America/New_York

Mile High Hook up Results

Three teams competed for the Mile High Hookup Cup in Denver Colorado on Saturday June 19:  Arizona/Sacramento, Denver, and the Mid East team comprised of players from Minnesota, Milwaukee, Baltimore-Washington, and Atlanta.

Denver vs Arizona

In the first game of the day, the home town team Denver took on Arizona/Sacramento.  With a convincing 3 goals to nil halftime lead it looked like Denver was going to take this win.  Arizona was having non of that and came back for a narrow 2 point victory

Denver 3.1.19
Arizona 3.3.21


Gotham City Get Down Results

The New York Magpies hosted the first tournament of the year at Tibbets Brook Park in Yonkers NY. Three teams descended on New York for the first hit out of the year: New York Magpies, Central Blues from Toronto, and the Reds, a mixed team comprised of players from Atlanta, Baltimore, Minnesota, Arizona, Milwaukee, and Denver.


Reds vs New York


Tibbets Brook Park
199 Teresa Ave
10705 Yonkers , NY
United States
New York US
May 15, 2010 10:00am America/New_York

Dairyland Duel Results

Game 1

MKE 8.5.53
NYC 3.1.19


Great Southern Footy Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of the Great Southern Footy Challenge started with Milwaukee guaranteed a spot in the final.  The first game of the day featured the two 1-1 teams battling it out for a spot to take on Milwaukee.

Atlanta vs Arizona/Denver/Baltimore

Atlanta Lady Kookaburras  7.9 (51)
Arizona/Denver/Baltimore  4.2 (26)

Goal Scorers:
Atlanta:  Judith Stein (5), Nori White, Nikki-Nicole Peoples
Arizona/Denver/Baltimore: Anna Thexton (2), Tina Arend, Kelli Modica

Great Southern Footy Challenge Day 1

4 teams from around the country met in the first day of the Great Southern Women's Footy Challenge.  In the first hit out of the year for most players saw Atlanta play host to Arizona/Denver/Baltimore-Washington, Milwaukee, and New York.

The day started off with a training session for the US Freedom.  After running two miles and doing skills tests, the players had to strap on their boots for two games.

New York LadyPies vs Denver - 10/11/2008

New York and Denver debuted at the 2008 USAFL National Championships in Colorado Springs, CO. The met up in the consolation game on Sunday morning. Watch the video to find out which team would come out on top of this grudge match!

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Duel In the Desert

The Arizona Republic was on hand to watch Arizona, Atlanta, and Denver/Milwaukee battle it out at the Duel in the Desert.  They took plenty of pictures which can be viewed at


Kookaburras fire at Duel in the Desert

The first women's footy games of the year were held on Saturday with the inaugural 'Duel in the Desert' tournament hosted by the Arizona Lady Hawks. With temperatures expected to rise into the triple digits it was an early start with games starting not long after 8.00am. At the event were the newly formed Denver Lady Bulldogs and the Atlanta Lady Kookaburras as well as the hosts of course the Lady Hawks, runners-up at last years Nationals in Louisville.

Photos courtesy: Pat Shannahan - Phoenix