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Great Southern Footy Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of the Great Southern Footy Challenge started with Milwaukee guaranteed a spot in the final.  The first game of the day featured the two 1-1 teams battling it out for a spot to take on Milwaukee.

Atlanta vs Arizona/Denver/Baltimore

Atlanta Lady Kookaburras  7.9 (51)
Arizona/Denver/Baltimore  4.2 (26)

Goal Scorers:
Atlanta:  Judith Stein (5), Nori White, Nikki-Nicole Peoples
Arizona/Denver/Baltimore: Anna Thexton (2), Tina Arend, Kelli Modica

Milwaukee vs New York

Milwaukee seemed to have lost their accurate kicking in the first half.  4 behinds from Kathryn Hogg including the worst shank in the history of women's footy helped to keep the score close enough for New York to stay in the game.

Milwaukee regained their form in the 2nd half and turned their 2.9 halftime into a more respectable 4.2 for the second half to set up a rematch between Milwaukee and Atlanta for the Grand Final.

Milwaukee Lady Bombers2.9  6.11 (47)
New York Lady Magpies0.0    1.0 (6)

Goal Scorers
Milwaukee: Kathryn Hogg (3),  Jennifer Sarbacker (2), Denielle Beilfuss
New York: Corynne Pereira

Grand Final

The results from Saturday's match were out of everyone's minds and Milwaukee knew that they weren't just going to be handed the championship.  Atlanta has been to many grand finals and has won all but one.  They had a couple of experienced players who were unable to play in Saturdays game and who knew if that would be enough to change the balance.

Milwaukee didn't want the joy they experienced to go down the tubes by losing the grand final.

The game was a close affair throughout.  Milwaukee seemed to have the ball more but Atlanta was much more efficient with scoring when they had a chance.  Even though Milwaukee had triple the scoring shots, they only lead 4.5.29 to 3.0.18 at half.

Atlanta wasn't going to lay down quietly and came out fighting in the 2nd half.  Milwaukee's midfield continued to win most of the balls, find their full forward out of the goal square, and hit their forward targets who more often than not had teammates running past to receive the quick hand pass.

Milwaukee Lady Bombers4.5  6.8 (44)
Atlanta Lady Kookaburras3.0  4.5 (29)

Goal Scorers:
Milwaukee: Denielle Beilfuss (3), Suzy Thomas, Kathryn Hogg, Helen Spink
Atlanta: Judith Stein (2), Cathy Reinhardt (2)


Judith Stein (Atlanta):  11 GOALS, 6 behinds
Kathryn Hogg (Milwaukee):  10 GOALS, 6 behinds
Anna Thexton (ARIZ/DENV/BALT):  8 GOALS, 5 behinds
Jennifer Sarbacker (Milwaukee):  5 GOALS, 12 behinds
Denielle Beilfuss (Milwaukee):  5 GOALS, 2 behinds
Cathy Reinhardt (Atlanta):  4 GOALS, 8 behinds
Suzy Thomas (Milwaukee):  4 GOALS, 7 behinds
Tina Arend (ARIZ/DENV/BALT):  4 GOALS, 5 behinds
Helen Spink (Milwaukee):  2 GOALS, 3 behinds
Courtney Church (ARIZ/DENV/BALT):  2 GOALS, 1 behind
Nikki-Nicole Peoples (Atlanta):  1 GOAL, 4 behinds
Nori White (Atlanta):  1 GOAL, 4 behinds
Carly Harrington (Atlanta):  1 GOAL, 3 behinds
Karla Mascarenas-Pack (ARIZ/DENV/BALT):  1 GOAL, 3 behinds
Meghan Brown (Atlanta):  1 GOAL, 1 behind
Corynne Pereira (New York):  1 GOAL, 1 behind
Sharon Lau (Atlanta):  1 GOAL
Siobhan McHale (New York):  1 GOAL
Kelli Modica (ARIZ/DENV/BALT):  1 GOAL
Rebecca Hunter (ARIZ/DENV/BALT):  4 behinds
Nicole Martini (Milwaukee):  4 behinds
Karen Stablein (ARIZ/DENV/BALT):  4 behinds
Betty Pat (Atlanta):  2 behinds
Linda Abaray (Atlanta):  1 behind
Eleni Larcombe (New York):  1 behind
(7 rushed behinds)

Best & Fairest

  1. Denielle Beilfuss (Milwaukee)
  2. Tina Arend (Arizona)
    Jennifer Sarbacker (Milwaukee)
  3. Anna Thexton (Denver)