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Columbus Jillaroos

United States

The Ohio Jillaroos are forming a women's Australian Rules Football Club in Columbus, open to women from around the state. With the support of the local men's team, these ladies are looking forward to establishing their own team.

Interested: Join a new sports team, where exercise, staying in shape in a fun, friendly, social atmosphere will be at the heart of everything we do. Tell a friend, bring a friend.

2010 Goals:

  1. Build Recruitment base to 20 active players
  2. Hold Regular Trainings
  3. Play multiple 9 vs. 9 local Metro Games
  4. Compete against 1 USAFL team during the season
  5. Send players/team to participate in National Championships in Louisville.


Practices are at 6pm Tuesdays and 10am Saturdays at Tuttle Park (220 W. Oakland Ave., 43201).  All practices are open to any interested female, and with new recruits joining each week, there's never been a better time to start than now! So bring a friend, water, cleats (if you have them) and athletic attire, and get ready to have fun, meet your new teammates and be part of an exciting new adventure!

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Come and Play

We are actively recruiting new players. No experience is necessary and all ages, shapes, and athletic abilities are welcome! Email if you are interested in playing with us or supporting us in some other way. Please send your email address so we can keep you in touch! We will also be establishing a local metro league here soon. For those who so desire, we are hoping to compete at Milwuakee/Minnesota on July 10th for our first ever game and later this year attend the 2010 USAFL Championships in Louisville this October 9th - MARK


Chet Ridenour