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The Eagle has Landed

Wow, we made it through customs! but we are two girls short! Looks like we will be seeing them tomorrow! Good luck ladies! We can’t wait to see you when you get here.

After flying from Atlanta to L. A., then off to a 14 hr flight to Sydney, today should be an interesting day. We landed at 6:30 am [yikes], and hopped on the tour bus to take a tour of Sydney, until the hotel lets us check in. Then off to Sydney Cricket ground to watch the Sydney Swans practice. After that, we get the honor of a tour of the Facility by the staff and Head Coach Paul Roos. How awesome is that!?! As some of you may be asking, “Who are the Swans?”. Let’s just say they are the Australian equivalent to our NFL….yet none of them are built like offensive lineman. They’re all mostly comparable to wide receiver-types. They’re big, they’re fit, and they can run all day long. So this explains why they get PAID to play footy, unlike us…lucky buggers, huh?

Nikki and myself wanted to take a moment and give credit to on of the people who pioneered the idea of a “U.S. Women’s National Australian Rules Football Team”. First of all, Kathryn Hogg gallantly took the reins in leading the USAFL to consider having a U.S. Freedom Squad. THANKS, B-KAT! And Krazz for raising his hand to coach us. Some of you never even knew there was a USA Women’s Australian Rules Football team. Oddly enough, this is not the Freedom’s first rodeo. The first time the USA Freedom has traveled to play another country was in 2007. The Freedom gals played Canada in Vancouver. Here is a link to tell you all about it:

Also, I would like to say hello to my new Colorado friends on the plane----Kendyl, Shawna, & Robert! Great meeting you all!


Yay you're here, good sun, good fun, and good memories to take home!
Enjoy yourselves and all the best for the matches!