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Ireland wins Eurocup 2011

Saturday 08th October, Belfast Queen’s University Sports grounds - 2011 Euro Cup.

It was a cool day and the rain on and off, sometimes teaming down making the footy slither out of players hands more easily than they would have liked. Walking around the grounds there was a buzz in the air, the same type felt at the recent International Cup, different languages bouncing around the foyer and the smell of Aussie Rules football. Making our way from all directions to Belfast for the weekend, we were all there ready to play for the second women’s European title.


EuroCup 2011 Ireland vs Switzerland

On Oct 8, 2011 Ireland and Switzerland met to claim the 2011 EuroCup championship.  The first half is on top and the 2nd half is in the bottom.

It appears that the video does not have any sound.


Brett Kirk and Irish Banshees on Channel 10

Brett Kirk and the Irish Banshees were promoting the 2011 International Cup on Channel 10 in Sydney.


Euro Cup 2010 Promo

2010 Euro Cup Womens Tournament

History was made on the 2nd October this year in Milan, Italy.

The very first European Womens Australian Rules Football tournament was held at the 2010 Euro Cup in Parabiago Milan, Italy.

The AFL Italia Femminile took on the much more experienced Irish National Womens Footy Team, The Banshees in an exciting game full of skill, talent and fun!!

Ireland won the tournament defeating Italy by a narrow margin of only 10 points.

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Kilrea Kookaburras


The Kilrea Kookaburras are the first women's football club in Ireland and were founded in 2010.  They will be playing in the first women's Australian Football match in Europe in October, 2010.

For more information, please visit them at Aussie Rules Football Ireland or on the Kilrea Kookaburras Facebook page.


Kookaburras Find it Tough

Tuesday 7 September 2010

The much anticipated debut of Ireland's first Australian Rules Football side took place on a rainy pitch in Kilrea on Saturday.

The Kilrea Kookaburras invited a combination side of Dublin/Derry Gaelic players nicknamed the "Dubderrys" to do battle with.

The match also served as a selection trial for the National side, who will travel to take part in the European Championships in Milan in October, so all girls were out to impress.