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National Team

Articles about the Women's Australian Football National Team.

Coaches Krazza and Donger

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Suzy, Nikki, and Michelle

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USA Freedom v Canada Eagles Statistics

The full statistics for the games played at Thunderbird Stadium UBC, Vancouver Canada August 5th-6th 2007.

Saturday Game 1


The USA Freedom celebrates in the changing room after their victory over the Canadian Eagles!

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Hand passing

Judith handpassing

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After the Match

Celebrating after defeating Canada on Aug 5!

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USA Freedom

Front row: Dionne Jones, Denise Lafaver, Erin Welsh, Judith Stein, Nikki Peoples, Diana Pizzari, Cathy Reinhardt, Nicole Martiny, Stephanie Powell, Ali Van Horn

Back row: Wayne Kraska, Jenny Sarbacker, Suzy Thomas, Kathryn Hogg, Audra Woodward, Tina Arend, Dewi Mitchell, Michelle Buchicchio, Christina Murdoch, Gerri Jellison, Ellie Frey, David Pack

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USA Freedom

In 2003, the first women's match of Australian Football was played in North America at the USAFL National Championships in Kansas City. Less than 4 years later and 2 years from the first Women's championships, the  US Freedom was founded in 2007 as the USAFL Women's National Team.

The US Freedom has represented the USAFL in 15 matches with only one being played on home soil.


USA vs Canada Preview

The US Freedom will play Canada in the first women's International match of Australian Football in Vancouver, BC, Canada on August 4 & 5.

US women's national team coach Wayne Kraska says "All the ladies touring this weekend in Vancouver are thrilled to be a part of this team as I am with my fellow coaches. Its a special event for the development of the sport not only in North America but around the world."

The US women are looking forward to playing with women that they have played against in the 2005 and 2006 National Championships.

International Cup

August 27, 2008 12:00am to September 07, 2008 11:59pm Australia/Melbourne


Melbourne , VIC
Victoria AU

US Women's Team will travel to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to compete during the International Cup.