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USA vs Canada Preview

The US Freedom will play Canada in the first women's International match of Australian Football in Vancouver, BC, Canada on August 4 & 5.

US women's national team coach Wayne Kraska says "All the ladies touring this weekend in Vancouver are thrilled to be a part of this team as I am with my fellow coaches. Its a special event for the development of the sport not only in North America but around the world."

The US women are looking forward to playing with women that they have played against in the 2005 and 2006 National Championships.

When asked about the team's chances Kraska said, "We have a very strong team representing the US with players that have shown their skill and endeavor during local games this year and two past national championships. We are short on preparation perhaps for this event but high on spirit and enthusiasm".

The US Freedom:

  • Nicole Martiny (Milwaukee)
  • Geri Jellison (Arizona)
  • Christina Murdoch (Atlanta/Illinois)
  • Dewi Mitchell (Atlanta)
  • Ellie Frey (Milwaukee)
  • Nikki Peoples (Atlanta)
  • Erin Welsh (Arizona)
  • Jenny Sarbacker (Altanta/Madison)
  • Audra Woodward (Arizona)
  • Michele Buchicchio (Milwaukee)
  • Suzy Thomas (Milwaukee)
  • Denise Lafaver (Atlanta)
  • Dionne Jones (Florida)
  • Judith Stein (Atlanta)
  • Stephanie Powell (Atlanta)
  • Katie Grist (Atlanta)
  • Tina Arend (Arizona)
  • Diana Pizzari (New York)
  • Ali Van Horn (Florida)
  • Cathy Reinhardt (Atlanta)
  • Kathryn Hogg (Minnesota)

Unable to play due to injuries:

  • Denielle Beilfuss (Milwaukee)
  • Pernille Christensen (Atlanta)
  • Karla Macarenas-Pack (Arizona)
  • Amy Mason (Atlanta)

Coaching Staff

  • Wayne Kraska, Head Coach, Atlanta
  • Dan Sarbacker, Assistant Coach, St Louis
  • David Pack, Assistant Coach, Arizona