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USA Freedom vs Canada

<p>On August 4 &amp; 5 the USA Freedom traveled to Vancouver, BC Canada to play the Canadian Eagles in the first women&#39;s international match of Australian Football.</p>

US Freedom vs Canada Game 2

US Freedom vs Canada for the inaugural 49th Parallel Cup in Vancouver, BC on Aug 5 2007.

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US Freedom vs Canada Game 1

US Freedom vs Canada in Vancouver, BC on Aug 4, 2007. This was a warm up to the 49th parallel cup match the following day and was the first women's australian football international match.

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Sarbackers again

Dan has been a member of the US Revolution for several years and Jenny is the captain of the US Freedom.

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Dan and Jenny Sarbacker. The first brother/sister combination to play for USAFL National teams.

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pep talk

This is the game plan

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locker stuff

Still getting ready

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locker room

girls getting ready

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Waiting in the Lobby

Starting to look like a team

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focus ladies

Suitin Up

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International Championship-Freedom

Big Winners

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