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Freedom Squad Training

The first of several Freedom Squad training and testing sessions for 2008 will take place Sunday June 1 at 9.00 am in Gilbert AZ morning following the Arizona Women's Footy tournament. All women players in the USA registered with the USAFL and members of their club (or in process of) are permitted to try out for the squad. (Contact your own club if you are uncertain of your own status)

There will be a similar sessionsĀ  to follow.

At the training sessions you can expect to undertake some or all of the following, (time & weather permitting)

  • Speed running test
  • Agility test
  • Skills tests (kicking, marking, ball control)
  • Flexibility test
  • Strength test
  • Endurance test

Time permitting group drills may also occur and instruction on different areas of the game to be mastered should you be selected to the squad. All tests will be standardized and published so you can complete them later under control by local coaches and submit revised times/scores if required.

Please bring to the sessions:

  • Running shoes/attire
  • Football boots/cleats
  • Your own water/drinks

(Players who can not stay till 10.00am due to return flights out of the location need to contact me before the day of training.)

From all interested players this year a squad of 24 players and a group of alternates will be selected and announced on Saturday night at the National Championships in Colorado Springs.

Currently the basis of selection will be 'around' these key indicators.

  1. Your performance playing games in 2008
  2. Fitness for the full scale version of the game
  3. Skills for the game

Your game day performance are weighted the heaviest. Some skills and fitness factors will be evident within games however testing of all player's fitness throughout the squad will provide more accurate individual assessments. If you fail to impress at games or worse still dont play, then possibilities for selection will be much lower however it doesn't mean you wont be selected. Other criteria will need to be high and some further analysis may be needed.

We want to give everyone playing the game this year as much opportunity to make the squad so just be aware previous games for the Freedom will not be a free ticket into the 2008-2009 squad. New players to the sport this year have as much chance of making the squad as anyone else so email this out to players you think can represent the USA in Australia.

Another factor that will be considered is availability. The tour to Australia is currently mapped out to be 9 -12 days in August 2009. If you can not be certain to make the trip, eg time off work, or self funding $2.5k +, then opportunities may be passed to other players. You will need to be honest from the start, if selected you will be expected to go and your travel status will be monitored monthly. Fund raising at your club, possible sponsorship and funding via the Women's Footy board will take place to offset the costs as much as possible. There are however no guarantees and players should be prepared as much as possible. Its for this main reason the squad is being announced 9 months in advance.

If you have any further questions to be answered please contact me via email or personally.

I wish you all good luck for selection and when playing in 2008 and hope you continue to enjoy footy as your #1 chosen sport.


Wayne Kraska

Head Coach - USA Freedom Australian Rules Football Team