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2011 Freedom Academy

The USAFL has announced the 2011 International Cup. There are 6-8 women's teams from across the world interested in playing. The dates are tentatively set for August 12-27 with games played in Sydney (Aug 12-21) and Melbourne (Aug 22-27). However this is subject to change depending on scheduling.

In the past, the Freedom team was chosen at Nationals in order to prepare for the Australian Tour. This year we are making some modifications to help the incoming coach make the final selection of the 2011 Freedom team.

Based on previous tours, reasonable expectations of costs and dedication needed to be selected for Freedom include:

  • For the 2009 Australian tour, the cost was roughly $2000 per player. This included round trip airfare from LAX, lodging, ground transportation, some meals, sightseeing, etc.  This amount is subject to change pending the final schedule made for the International Cup.  Additionally, we may have some sponsorship and fundraising opportunities to help offset the cost.
  • The team will be selected through evaluating past play, testing times, and winter tryouts in Austin. The previous testing is supplied on Freedom Skills and Fitness Testing and is geared to ensure that players are keeping up fitness and skills in the off season. These along with our past play will be used to help introduce players to the new coach, please make a strong statement!
  • Winter tryouts will be held in conjunction with the Revolution team in Austin, likely late February or early March. The final team selection will be made at the point.
  • Even though the final Freedom team will announced in early 2011, players will be expected to start making deposits to help meet the final amount. These deposits will be fully refundable should any player decide against attending the International Cup.

For all those interested, please sign up using the form below. This is an open invitation to all players interested trying out.