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USA Student Joins WA Football Team

University of Wisconsin/Madison business and sports management student Jacqueline Theiler has become the first US student to join the West Australian Football Commission on an internship.

Jacqueline, who has moved to Perth (WA) as part of an international student abroad program at Murdoch University, will work with the West Australian Country Football League in the areas of sponsorship delivery, marketing, event management and general administration duties.

WACFL general manager Cameron Knapton, who attended the 2007 US AFL national championship in Louisville, Kentucky, said he was very excited that Jacqueline had agreed to join his team for five months. "We are working closely with USFooty to assist with the expansion of the game in the States and this internship is another way students, whilst abroad, can have contact with our great game", said Mr Knapton.

Jack (her new Australian football name) is also excited by the opportunity to undertake hands on experience in Australia's most popular sport.

"I am excited about the opportunity to work at not only the elite level, but also the grass roots level of an amazing Australian sport," she said. "Having this opportunity is more than I could ever dream of after deciding to study overseas. I am able to learn a new sport while having the opportunity to gain skills that will assist with my goal of working in the sports industry when I complete my studies."

"Learning about the different culture of sport in Australia compared with home and how the sports are delivered has been very interesting."

"When I return home I look forward to promoting Australian football in the States. I am also hopeful of having the experience of playing while in Perth".

"Last night (March 11, 2008) I was invited to attend the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to really see how the game changes lives and creates a sense of community and belonging for so many people. From the moment I got there I was welcomed into the AFL family like I had been a lifelong member. As I watched the ceremony and saw all of the wonderful accomplishments the inductees had made not only as players but as also as coaches, media personalities, and great leaders I saw what the AFL is really about: contributing not only a couple of years to something but dedicating a lifetime to an institution that instills values and morals in a person that they will need forever. A couple of the inductees even took the time to talk to me and genuinely cared about my new found interest in the sport. It was an experience of a lifetime and one I will never forget."


Cameron Knapton
General Manager
West Australian Country Football League
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