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Yankeroos in Fremantle Gazette

Last Sunday a women’s football carnival was held in Goomalling, with 3 women’s football teams competing. One of the teams was the “Yankeroos,” made up of 24 international students from the USA, studying at Notre Dame University in Fremantle.

The first time the Yankeroos girls saw Australian football was in August when they arrived in Australia to begin their 6 month study abroad program.

For the last 6 weeks the girls have learned the game, training twice a week at Fremantle Oval, and enjoying the experience of being part of Australia’s national game.

Heading into the carnival last Sunday, the Yankeroos were looking forward to having some fun and hoping to get a kick. Their first game was against Wongan-Goomalling, who went through their season undefeated.

The Yankeroos however started the game looking like they had been playing for years, kicking 4 goals in the first 15mins and getting off to a flyer. The confidence was right up and they went on to win by 11 points.

In the hot afternoon sun they had to play back to back games, this time against Merriden. The sun took a lot out of all players but the Yankeroos still managed a 5 goal win.

The skills the American girls showed on the day impressed everyone in attendance, with many commenting on the fantastic spirit they had all day. Each goal, mark, tackle, and even bounce was met with cheers from those on the bench.

The outstanding effort from the girls to remain undefeated and win the carnival in their first ever game was also recognised with 2 players winning awards on the day. Laura Wolbeck was awarded the Most Consistent player for her outstanding work in the ruck. Jen Fedyna was given the award for Player of the Carnival, an amazing effort for a girl from the USA playing in her first games of footy.

The Yankeroos next task will be taking on the South Fremantle Women’s team, who made the WAWFL Reserves grand final this year. The game will be at Fremantle Oval in the coming weeks.