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Ireland defeats Italy

In a hard fought match, the visiting Irish women defeated the Italian squad by a score of 6.14.50 to 6.4.40. 

In Parabiago (Milan), a crowd of about 700 gathered with good spirit, loud choruses and respectful support. They were treated to a game in which Ireland always led, though the Azzurre remained close.

Half Time
Ireland 6.5.41

After the major break, the home team tightened their defense and outscored the Irish Banshees by 2.2. to 0.3in the third period to cut the lead to a manageable 10 points. But  the long and sharp kicks of the emerald greens and their well working boots kept the Italians from getting over the hump.

The sporting backgrounds of both teams was contrasted in they style of play. The Italians mainly relied on hand passing and rugby oriented play structures, often giving the packed stands reasons to cheer. The Gaelic football background of the Irish was quite evident in their kicking and flow.

Hard but fair tackles and sportmanship topped the event which didn't register any friction or infraction.

The "Thankspaul Cup" takes his name from Paolo Granata, the famous rock-sculptor that wanted to donate the 1st ever cup disputed in Europe: "The Irish deservedly gained it at Parabiago Stadium", as Daniela Scalia, sport anchor woman and forward pocket for Italy, stated at the end of the game.

Scalia also added "It's been an amazing debut and a fantastic match that made the history of aussie rules in Italy and in Europe! Very proud of all the girls, the staff and friends who strongly supported us in Italy and in Australia as well!"

Peta Lowry from the Australia-Italy Association reports "The women's match was an amazing success!! All the girls played fantastically and the best part was the crowd who were totally blown away by the skill, talent and the level of professionalism of the match."

Full Time
Ireland 6.14.50

Goal Kickers
Italy: Valeria Scalia (3), Samanta Botter (2),Raffaela Plunger
Ireland: Kayleigh Fleming (3), Nuala O Hagan (2), Aoife Ní Donabháin

Samanta Botter, Veronica Schiavon, Clara Lopez
Ireland: Ashelene Groogan, Maria Doherty, Kayleigh Fleming