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Orange County Bombshells

Santa Barbara Women's FitFest

Women's Footy USA participated in the Women's FitFest held in Santa Barbara on Feb 29th 2004. We ran an information booth, introduced the footy to many ladies, and held a clinic in the afternoon. The response to footy was very postive, resulting in over 20 ladies signing up for a future clinic in Santa Barbara and the possibility of forming a team.


Women's FitFest 2004

On Sunday, February 29, from 11 am - 3 pm the Bombshells will be part of the "Women's FitFest 2004" at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara Califonia. The Bombshells will be hosting a booth promoting women's footy, and will be conducting mini clinics during the day. So come join the Bombshells and learn more about the sport of Australian Rules Football (Footy). The women's development officer, Leigh Swansborough, will be there and can assist anyone looking to join, sponsor, or start a team in their area.


AZAFL Metro Footy Tournament Match


AZ Phoenix
United States
February 08, 2004 12:00am America/Phoenix

Aussie Rules Football - Ventura County Star

Aussie Rules Football

James Glover II/Star staff

Simi Valley's Julie Jones practices her passing during a workout at the Santa Susana Community Center Recreation Park.

Simi Valley's Diane Browning, 15, left, and Amanda Lynch, 15, practice rucking or jumping for the ball after points are scored in Aussie Rules Football. Rucking is similar to a jump ball in basketball.

Royal High connection embraces new sport, leagues
By Rich Romine,

Six Royal High students are kicking it and serving it around in Simi Valley. The players are Diane Browning, Sarah Shoenberger, Amanda Weaver, Amanda Lynch, Rachel Jones and Brian Coe.

Three of the girls have moms playing the sport: Jayme Weaver, Julie Jones and Ruthann Brown.

Two more players are Christina Lindsey of Moorpark and Moorpark College student Eric Prieto, a Royal High graduate.

Prieto, a former Royal high wide receiver and kicker, likes the Australian game better.

"It's fun and a lot more exciting than regular football," he said.

The local connection played in the Australia Week games at UCLA on Jan. 18. Highlights of the women's and men's games were shown on an Australian news network.

The students will be playing for the Orange County Bombshells (women's team) and the Valley Vandals (men's team) in a national tournament Saturday and Sunday in Phoenix, Ariz.

"Brian (Coe, 17) and Eric (18) are the two youngest players to come out of California playing Aussie Rules," said Leigh Swansborough, president of the Aussie Rules Football for Women league. "Both have very bright futures in the sport."

Aussie Rules Football is one of the fastest, free-flowing, action-packed sports. The game combines elements of soccer and basketball while the game ball is always live. There are no timeouts, or offside, and players use their hands and feet. The game is known to Aussies as "footy," said Swansborough, an Australian native.


Ventura County Star Newspaper Article

The Ventura County Star published a nice story on women's and men's footy focusing on the students of Royal High and their moms that are playing for the Orange County Bombshells/Valley Vandolls and the Valley Vandals.


LA Aussie Week Match Report

History was made again on the 18th January 2004.....California's first Women's Aussie Rules Football match was played. This was also the 2nd game of women's footy played in the US. Alot of new faces were on the field, with a strong contingency of ladies coming out of Simi Valley, a good turnout of Gaelic football ladies from Orange County, and two Arizona ladies who drove all the way from Phoenix for their first game of footy!


Women's Match at LA Aussie Week

A Women's Australian Football Match will played in Los Angeles Jan 18, 2004 at UCLA as part of the Aussie Week Festival. The women's match will begin at 11:30AM and will be followed by a men's match between the US Revolution and a CAFL all-star team.

If anyone happens to be in LA that weekend (or wants to travel) they are most welcome to join the Orange County Bombshells and play.


Bombshells Join CAFL

It's official...the Orange County Bombshells are now part of the California Australian Football League (CAFL). This is the first women's footy league in the USA. Yet another historical event for Women's Footy USA. The Bombshells will split into two teams and play 10 rounds of footy throughout the CAFL season. The purpose of our first season in the CAFL is to recruit more players, so we can expand to 4-6 teams by 2005.


Bombshells Turkey Shootout

The Orange County Bombshells will be playing in the annual Turkey Shootout organized by the Orange County Bombers at 10:00AM on Sunday November 23 at Heritage Park in Irvine, CA. Anyone interested in playing women's Aussie Rules is welcomed and encouraged to play. Contact Leigh for more information.


Shorts Rule When Aussie footy is on the box in USA

Shorts rule when Aussie footy is on the box in USA

By LES MUIR, Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser

AMERICAN women like watching Australian football on cable TV because the players wear such short shorts. That’s the opinion of an expatriate Wagga woman living in California.
Leigh Swansborough left Wagga in 1988 and is now a self-employed massage therapist and personal trainer working in famous Orange Country.