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US Freedom Blast Off to Houston

This weekend, the mighty Freedom Train will descend on Houston for the International Cup 2014 Training Camp and what a beautiful sight that will be. To date, we have over 60 players and staff committed to the event and all preparations are in full swing. The camp will offer player fitness programs, group training sessions, individualized coaching, along with several break out sessions with the coaches and the Freedom leadership group. In addition, players and staff will lay out the road map for the Freedom and examine the culture, beliefs and expectations of developments within the USAFL system.

All this, of course, is to better prepare for the road ahead down to Melbourne for the International Cup in August of this year. “The focus for the Freedom is to do the best we can in the IC has never wavered along with the first, but most certainly not the last, touring with our large “Freeberty” squad which aims to give players who miss out on the Freedom adventure the chance to gain experience and valuable game time while still representing their country against City and Regional Victorian teams as the Liberty,” explained Head Coach Leigh Barnes.

Selection will mean a great opportunity to further develop for all girls. This is the biggest endeavor on behalf of the USAFL for development across the board and will prove to be a major step for the women in this league. Nearly every single club is sending a player to one of the most diverse camps in Freedom history. This grand endeavor would not be possible without the help of the Houston Lonestars. “I want to thank the Houston Lonestars for their tremendous help in all aspects of the camp from suggesting hotels to booking the fields to umpiring our Freedom vs. Liberty games. Their assistance has made the planning and execution of camp much easier,” said Team Manager Jess Whisney.