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A small, small world!!!

by Leigh Swansborough

Five months ago Mini and I were kicking the footy at Balboa Park in Encino. It was there that we met Tera othewise known as T-Blu. With a cigarette in one hand and a soda can to mark her spot "T" was manning the outfield for her softball team.

 The ever so curious "T" forgot about her game long enough to approach Mini and tell him how cool it was that we were playing soccer with a football! It was there and then we had the pleasure of meeting "T" and wasted no time in recruiting her. After attending a few training sessions T moved to Orange County in order to make a life change. Even though she wasn't able to play footy, I still felt the need to keep in touch with her. Fast forward to April 3rd and Mini and I find ourselves picking "T" up for her first game of footy in San Diego.

What are the chances that "T" will know someone from the Bombshells? Slim to none one would think, but indeed she did know someone at the game. It was Dian, now known as "Roxy". It turns out T and Roxy played softball together in the valley.

For their reunion to happen the following events had to transpire:

  • Kidman recruited Rock who brought her mum "Tank" to training.
  • Tank recruited Trina who in turn brought out Farish and Sabrina
  • Farish brings Roxy to the Simi Valley game a few weeks back. Roxy is keen to play footy and is crazy enough to drive all the way to San Diego for her first game.

Hence, T and Roxy finally meet again.

All because of Women's Footy!!!!!