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USAFL Championships

Las Vegas, Nevada is the host city of the 2006 USAFL National Championships. This is a monumental moment for women's footy as we hold our 2nd women's championship division.

USfooty has decreased the Women's National Players Fee to $25 to support the development of women's football in the US, similar to the way it supported the embryonic state of the men's game during the formative years of the league. The USfooty Women's portfolio will be supporting the players fees. This subsidization of women's fees is not a long-term policy and will be phased out as women's football grows. The process is to pay your nationals players fee and then receive a $25 rebate when you check in at nationals.

We still need more women to round out the rosters! We have commitments from 3 teams (Atlanta, Milwaukee, Arizona) plus some players from teams without enough numbers to field a full squad. We will continue our policy of inclusiveness. If you're a woman and you want to play (or if you aren't sure), contact Kathryn Hogg.

Rule Changes: We have dropped the wrap up rule for 2006 and are playing full tackling. Our experiencesin women's matches this year has proven that tackling is less dangerous than wrapping up and leads to more consistent umpiring.