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AFL International Cup Intrigue

There has been controversy surrounding round 5 in women's division of the 2014 International Cup. With 7 teams one team has a bye each round. For the final placing round, the 7th place team gets to sit. The race for 6th place came down to percentage points between Tonga and the USA Liberty. The percentages were tight but Tonga has a slight lead. Apparently.

In Tonga's game against Canada's Northern Lights there was a player count in the third quarter. Tonga had too many players on the field but their score wasn't wiped. Apparently the umpires declared that only points scored for that quarter are wiped. Since Tonga's lone score occurred in the first quarter the umpires allowed it to stand.

This completely contradicts the 2014 AFL Laws of the Game
The umpires claimed it was a recent change but the AFL Laws of the Game 2014 say

Laws of Australian Football 2014
5.5.3 Players Exceeding Permitted Number
Where a Team has more than the permitted number of Players on the Playing Surface, the following shall apply:
(a) a field Umpire shall award a Free Kick to the captain or acting captain of the opposing Team, which shall betaken at the Centre Circle or where play was stopped,
whichever is the greater penalty against the offending Team;
(b) a Fifty-Metre Penalty shall then be imposed from the position where the Free Kick was awarded; and
(c) the Team shall lose all points which it has scored in the Match up to the time of the count.

This is a rule that apparently everyone except the umpires in this match knows.