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Northern Lights Squad Named

AFL Canada Northern Lights head coach Tristan Waldock has named the squad to compete against the US Freedom at the 49th Parallel Cup in Dublin OH on Aug 4, 2012.

For the first time, the women will be playing two games with a development squad and senior squad each taking the field.

Coach Waldock will be announcing the selection for the individual squads on Friday after getting a final look at his players in Dublin OH.

This is the 3rd time the women will be contesting the 49th Parallel Cup with the US winning the inagural match in 2007 and Canada winning the rematch in 2010.  With both previous contests being held in Canada, this is the first time that the US Freedom will be playing on home soil.

2012 Northern Lights
Player Province
Denese Gentry British Columbia
Jenna Jakes British Columbia
Ceilidh Moore British Columbia
Natasha Murphey British Columbia
Paige Wilson British Columbia
Brandie Corrigan Alberta
Laura White Alberta
Lindsay Rankin Alberta
Danah Arnold Alberta
Jen Nicholls Alberta
Beck Jones Alberta
Lori Bossert Alberta
Caitlin Kidd Alberta
Lyndsay Smith Alberta
Leslie Gurba Alberta
Kerrie Cross Alberta
Kay Han Alberta
Laura Gordyko Alberta
Rachelle Chabot Alberta
Julia Franklin Alberta
Alanna Robertson Alberta
Tricia Hickey Alberta
Renee Tong Ontario
Erin Loughnane Ontario
Sarah Ennor Ontario
Emma Dickinson Ontario
Kendra Heil Ontario
Ashley Walker Ontario
Rochelle Allan Ontario
Megan Dietrich Ontario
Sylvie DeBrabandere Ontario
Danielle Comolli Ontario
Selina Amaral Ontario
Ricki-Lee Pitman Ontario
Catherine Geci Ontario
Holly Costanza Ontario
Jodie Fluit Ontario
Liana Wong Ontario
Brier Dodge Ontario
Candace Kwan Ontario
Lisa Dallah Rosa
Madison Amaral Ontario
Lindsay Belzie Montreal
Aimee Legault Montreal
Margo Legault Montreal
Tara Cools-Lartigue Montreal
Kelsey Martin Montreal