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Northern Lights Name International Cup Squad

New head coach Tristan Waldock is proud to announce 27 players to the 2011 AFL Canada Northern Lights squad. We are very proud of our selections and confident in our team going to Australia to compete in the first Women's Division of the International Cup in August, 2011!

Player Club
Aimee Legault Montreal Angels
Amanda O'Rae Calgary Kookaburras
Caitlin Finney Toronto Eagles
Caitlin Kidd Calgary Kookaburras
Ciara Lanigan Calgary Kookaburras
Erin LeBlanc Calgary Kookaburras
Erin Loughnane Toronto Eagles
Hilary Perry Calgary Kookaburras
Jenna Jakes West Coast Wildcats
Julia Franklin Calgary Kookaburras
Katelyn Nanka West Coast Wildcats
Lesley Zmurchuk Calgary Kookaburras
Leslie Gurba Calgary Kookaburras
Lindsay Hunt Toronto Central Blues
Lisa Tazzman Toronto Central Blues
Lori Bossert Calgary Kookaburras
Lyndsay Smith Calgary Kookaburras
Margo Legault Montreal Angels
Marlena Ginocchio West Coast Wildcats
Meaghan Goodfellow Calgary Kookaburras
Melanie Billing Toronto Central Blues
Molly Gamble Toronto Central Blues
Natasha Murphey West Coast Wildcats
Neda Dalili Edmonton Emus
Paige Wilson West Coast Wildcats
Rochelle Allan Toronto Central Blues
Sherelle Kelly-Witt Toronto Central Blues

Head Coach Tristan Waldock
Assistant Coach Amy Wynee
Assistant Coach Mark Peterson
Team Manager Chris Nolan