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Women's IC11 Fixture

The AFL is pleased to announce the women’s section of the IC11 will be played between the 15th - 27th of August, 2011.

The focus of the IC11 will be turned to the women when they play their first ever AFL International Cup matches on Monday 15th of August, 2011.

There are no men’s games scheduled for this day. Other women’s matches will coincide with the men’s section of the event.

Mon Aug 15 - RD1, Wed Aug 17 - RD2, Sat Aug 20 - RD 3, Wed Aug 24 - RD 4, FRI Aug 26 - Finals

How the tournament will work

The women will play in a round robin style tournament. Teams will initially be given a number from one to six, with numbers allocated through a random ballot in order to fill out the tournament fixture.

After four rounds of matches teams will be ranked one through to six as per a regular ladder:

  • Wins & losses taken into account, with percentage taken into consideration should there be equal wins and losses
  • Should there be equal wins & losses and equal percentage between 2 teams, the winning team from their IC11 round match to advance
  • Should teams not have met in the tournament, the team with highest points for to advance
  • Teams ranked 1 & 2 will play off to become IC11 Champions
  • Teams ranked 3 & 4 will play off as will teams 5 & 6. This will ensure that all teams play 5 matches which will be invaluable to their ongoing development