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Kicking in Danger

You can kick the ball directly off the ground, providing there is absolutely no chance of you kicking someone’s hands, head or any other body part while doing so. Typically, kicking a ball directly off the ground would be done when sprinting to a ball that is nowhere near any other player and you know someone is hot on your heels, and it is to your advantage to kick in front of yourself. You would not do to this in a pack situation or where someone is diving for the ball. It is extremely dangerous and will result in a penalty to the other team. Using your hands to gather the ball is considered your best option anyway in most circumstances – as kicking off the ground still does not give you certain possession – and while it may be the ‘easier’ option to kick – it can be a little lazy.

Holding the Ball

Part of the excitement of Aussie Rules is the speed of the game. It is considered an offence not to try to be ‘playing’ the ball. If you have the ball, and are tackled and make no effort to handball, or kick away immediately, you will be penalised for ‘Holding the Ball’. A player can not lie on the ball, preventing others access to it either. If you have tried to release the ball, but didn't have the opportunity to get it away, then the umpire will throw the ball up between 2 rucks.

Tackling a Player in the Air

A player who is jumping to take a mark can not being tackled or bumped while in the air.

Pushing in the Back

Players are not allowed to push other players in the back at any time.

High Tackle

Tackling above the shoulders is known as a high tackle and is usually monitored very carefully by umpires.

50 metre Penalty

A 50 metre penalty (the opposition advances 50 metres towards their goal) may be awarded for the following: overstepping the mark, deliberate time wasting, abusive or insulting language to an umpire, not returning the football to a player awarded a free kick or mark.

Out on the full

You can not kick the the ball over the boundary line on the full. Neither can you deliberately aim for the boundary line by kicking the ball along the ground or batting it over the boundary. The ball is given to the opposition to kick in where the ball went out (see left).