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Drop Punt

The most popular kick is the drop punt and it is used for kicking to a team mate or kicking at goal. This kick is popular because of its accuracy and also because it tends to be easier for team mates to mark. With the laces pointing out and with the ball pointing downwards, the ball is dropped onto the lower part of the boot, causing it to move in a spinning motion.

Particularly when going for goal, your kicking leg should have a high follow through (see photo).

Torpedo Punt

When going for distance, the torpedo punt is often used. The ball is held differently from the drop punt and is guided onto the boot at a 15° angle sending the ball spinning away in a spiral motion. This may be used for kicking in from the full-back or going for goal from a distance out.

Other styles

There are a number of other kicking styles, such as the banana kick used for kicking at goal from the sides and others which have become superseded by the above two.