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Start two clubs!

Well I'm going throw this first one in here early. Without a doubt the biggest hurdle the men's teams have had to deal with over the past 10 years is traveling to play games. There have been many teams that have endured this load and survived, some have not and even folded because of it. When a club starts in one city there is always heaps of enthusiasm the first year or so. They go on the road and have a great time and have loads of fun. Soon after though players realize to continue playing they have to hand out plenty of cash to get to games. And it doesn't stop. Add a Revo or Freedom game in there plus the Nationals and you are spending thousands of dollars in some cases a year on travel.

Q.So whats the answer?
A.Have a team that's nearby to play as soon as your teams starts. This seems like a logical and easy remedy don't you think?

Q. But who is going to start this other team across town?
A. Err..You are.! If you don't start a team nearby or know someone that is then your team is destined to 1) have to spend much money traveling 2) have no local team to play 3) Lose players as the reality is there is no one to play and no one wiling to come to our town to play. So if you are planning one team, My suggestion is plan two. Or at the very least split your team immediately into two groups so you can play competitive games immediately.

Playing is fun and retains players. Training for 6 months and playing on 2 real games sux and wont bring new or retain players in the sport. IMO.

Another advantage of splitting you team up or having more teams in the one city is you get increase your advertising exponentially with each new team. You end up with two coaches, two captains, two recruiting committee etc etc. that can sell the sport to the masses. The potential for growth doubles with one foul swoop. So think about it, if you want to play someone close. Start another team.