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Ref clinics

Hey, so Sarbs and I were talking about the difficulties of and obstacles to starting clubs. We decided that one of the biggest hurdles to our own club-founding was feeling a bit uncertain about all the rules. We know enough to feel sure on the field, but starting and being in charge of a team means you have to be authoritative about the sport to the point of being able to ref matches with ease. So, are there clinics where folks can learn how to ref, even if just to be very familiar with every last one of the rules? Or, are there books anyone can recommend? The same holds true for being knowledgable about all the positions (I know that often when I get moved from my typical positions, I'm not sure about the responsibilities/territory of other positions... that has to be fixed before I try and start a team). Any books on that front?

I will look through what I have and see what I have and bring them next week. BTW that DVD i promised is still coming...

We should put together a packet and make it available to new players and people starting clubs.



We have some info available under Start a Club and Training. The Auskick CD-ROM has some good training videos on it. I'll let you know where to get it.