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New Coaches Looking Forward

With the growing popularity of women's football in North America, many clubs had new coaches in 2011 who are now looking forward to 2012.

Minnesota Freeze

Dale "Diesel" Williams (Head Coach) - Dale has been a member of the Minnesota Freeze since their debut at the 2005 USAFL Nationals.  He served as the clubs second president from 2007 - 2008.  Dale took over the coaching duties after the 2010 USAFL National Championships.

Coaching Edge

Coaching Edge is published by the AFL and is a continuation of the respected magazine Coaching Update, which was first published in April 1988 after the VFL assumed responsibility for football development in Victoria and formed the Australian Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Vic Branch in 1987. There was also a predecessor, Australian Football Coach, published by SANFL from 1972 until 1975.


Stateside Footy: Boston/Columbus vs Arizona/Calgary

Oct 8, 2011

Stateside Footy was at the 2011 USAFL Nationals.  In the first of four episodes, the Boston Demons/Columbus Jillaroos/Baltimore-Washington Eagles open up the tournament against Arizona/Calgary.

The second half features a 2x20 Men's Division 2 match between the Boston Demons and the Portland Steelheads.

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AFL Teams Aug 18, 2011

AFL Teams Aug 18, 2011

AFL Teams Round 22 aired on August 18, 2011.  Host Brian Taylor and his panel discuss the results of the US Freedom vs Australia Indigenous and Multicultural Team.

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Ireland wins Eurocup 2011

Saturday 08th October, Belfast Queen’s University Sports grounds - 2011 Euro Cup.

It was a cool day and the rain on and off, sometimes teaming down making the footy slither out of players hands more easily than they would have liked. Walking around the grounds there was a buzz in the air, the same type felt at the recent International Cup, different languages bouncing around the foyer and the smell of Aussie Rules football. Making our way from all directions to Belfast for the weekend, we were all there ready to play for the second women’s European title.


EuroCup 2011 Ireland vs Switzerland

On Oct 8, 2011 Ireland and Switzerland met to claim the 2011 EuroCup championship.  The first half is on top and the 2nd half is in the bottom.

It appears that the video does not have any sound.


Nationals Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

With Nationals now less than a week away, I wrote this article in tribute to the United States Australian Football League's efforts (specifically, the efforts of women's footy secretary, Andrea Casillas) to support women's health and female footy players, and to any family and friends affected by breast cancer.


Kathryn Hogg's USAFL Board Nomination

Kathryn Hogg has been involved in footy and the USAFL since 2003.  Since she's of a certain age, she initially became interested in Australian Rules Football from the old VFL broadcasts on ESPN starting in 1980.  After many years, she discovered the USAFL and hopped on the forums where she helped organize the first women's match at the 2003 Nationals in Kansas City.  She has been a leader since day 1.

Darebin Under 18's Grand Final Highlights

Highlights of the Darebin Falcons U-18 team in their 2011 VWFL Grand Final.