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Two Aussies find a new love for the game of their home country

The Lady Kookaburras recently met two women from Australia living in Birmingham, AL.  They like to come to Atlanta to visit the Australian Bakery - they bring a cooler each visit to stock up on supplies from home.  On one visit they saw a flyer promoting the Lady Kookaburras and decided to come out for a look and a kick.  Now both Betty Pat and Sue Marsh are hooked.  Each week they drive from Birmingham early Saturday morning (7am because of the time change!) in order to play in the 11 am game in Atlanta.  Funny thing is, they never touched a footy ball before they moved to Atlanta which they, and we, find quite humourous!  Hurray for US Footy if we can help spread the love of footy even among the ex-pats!!  

Anyone in the Birmingham area interested in playing, or coming over for a look with Betty and Sue, please visit the Lady Kookaburras website at  You can click on the Laughing Jackass icon to join the chat forum and you'll see postings for Women's Footy there as well.