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Women's Footy Alive and Kicking in Milwaukee

2006 starts off with a new focus on the women's footy program in Milwaukee. The first step in keeping with the new focus has been naming Sandy Bradley as the women's team manager. She is responsible for recruiting women along with other organizational duties.

Sandy Bradley
Sandy Bradley, Milwaukee Explosion team manager

The second step was coming up with a new name for the women's team. The team was originally called the Lady Bombers. The players felt that a different name would highlight the team more clearly and give the players ownership in the team. The team has asked for and received board approval to be called the Milwaukee Explosion. This name accomplishes the goals while providing a link the Milwaukee Bombers. The team is now designing a logo and jumper to go with their new name.

The aim of the women's footy program is to grow the sport, improve players, and continue introducing Australian culture to America. One of the goals for 2006 is to double the number of women players. Recruits of all skills and sizes are welcome to join.

The Explosion is led by returning players Denielle Beilfuss, Ashley Smith, Raechel Spink, and Sandy Bradley. At the 2005 Nationals, Beilfuss was named co-MVP of the women's tournament. Along with Smith, Milwaukee Bombers Club 2005 women's Best and Fairest winner, Beilfuss and the other returning players provide a solid core for the Explosion Team.

There will be plenty of playing opportunities for Explosion players. The team has committed to playing the Atlanta Kookaburras on August 12, 2006. The women also play in the Bombers metro league during the summer. Finally, the team will be participating in the 2006 Women's National Tournament in October.

Indoor practices began on February 19th with optional practices, while official practices begin on February 26th. These sessions will be joint practices with the Bombers, as will outdoor practices when the weather warms up. In addition to joint practices, the Explosion will also be holding additional practices at various locations throughout the city to promote the sport.